Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Statement of Purpose, Possible Activities

The purpose of the Lehigh University Structural Engineering Graduate Student Chapter is to promote advancement of the science and profession of engineering in a manner consistent with the purpose of ASCE. This will be accomplished by: (1) promoting and developing leadership skills within chapter members; (2) providing opportunities for students to present their current research in a professional environment; and (3) allowing interaction with the local engineering community, including the local SEI Lehigh Valley professional chapter.

An outline of possible chapter activities:
  • Hosting professional seminars
    • Attendance by both GSC members and Lehigh Valley SEI members
    • Student and faculty presentations of current research
    • Outside presentations by currently practicing engineers (LV-SEI members?)
    • "Homecoming" seminars (invite back Lehigh alumni to present on their current work)
  • Coordinating with other student groups (FERS, EERI) within the Lehigh CEE department
    • Possible joint seminars and activities
  • Possible funding of student travel to conferences by the LV-SEI professional chapter

If anyone else has any ideas on how to achieve our purpose, feel free to comment below!


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